Kat Verdi, Caregiver Coach, specializing in educating caregivers to become the best advocates for their loved ones.

I, your coach Kat Verdi, give you my word to:



Coach YOU to Advocate




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  • Are you a caregiver?
  • Is your loved one in healthcare transition?
  • Does your loved one live in another state?
  • Do you know the options and resources available to you?
  • Are you feeling overwhelmed and don’t even know where to begin?
  • Would you like to have a plan in place for your loved one? 

I’m here to coach you through the transition your loved one is experiencing.

You don’t have to go on the journey alone.

“Caregiving can be very challenging for many different reasons and circumstances. Keeping this in mind, please know this is a judgement free, safe space to connect with a professional who will guide you and introduce you to viable options you can explore for your loved one and family. It’s a place of love, empathy, respect, and knowledge. You don’t have to embark on this taxing journey alone.” – Kat

Caring and weighing options for a loved one can be stressful for families. I would like to share my caregiver coaching process with you so you know what to expect during your journey as a caregiver.

My Process

Caregiver Coach

As a Certified Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia Care Trainer, I have gained invaluable experience working with caregivers and their loved ones for over a decade. Charged with a passion to educate, empower and encourage others, I take great pride in coaching caregivers to become confident advocates for their loved ones. This includes the disabled community, the LGBTQ+ community and those aging in place. 

As a caregiver myself, I have walked in the same shoes and I know what families are experiencing. I resonate with caregivers facing uncertain circumstances with the care of their loved ones. I call this a healthcare transition.

I am here to share and guide you to the most viable and vetted resources that best meet your loved one’s needs. You don’t have to go on this journey alone. As your coach, I have the ability, experience and knowledge to navigate through the many options. I will empower you to advocate for your loved one and create a Comprehensive Action Plan (CAP) tailored to your needs.

Kat Verdi


What Drives Me

My passion to advocate for CareGivers and Aging Adults stems from my childhood. I’m the oldest of two children, my brother being two years younger than me.  During his birth, he lost oxygen and suffers from Epilepsy ever since. My parents are loving, overprotective, and riddled with fear. Perhaps this is why I have such an innate instinct to protect caregivers. 

As a child going out to play with friends was terrifying for my mother as she always worried about her son, my brother. Despite her anxiety, my brother and I had a very happy childhood, yet I grew up a bit faster than the rest of my peers. I was always aware of my brother’s whereabouts, and his proximity to me even as we played with our friends. I never knew when he would have a seizure, but I did know that it was my job to be there for my little brother and keep him safe. 

I entered the geriatric senior living industry a decade ago, and I quickly realized how many adult children become caregivers to their parents by default. The one common denominator was that, as caregivers, we are not as well versed as we should be in the myriad of options and decisions available to us. I, myself, am the caregiver for three people: my mother, father, and brother. This was my a-ha moment; I realized I had the knowledge and experience to share with fellow caregivers. This is when I chose to be a coach for caregivers, aging adults, and LGBTQ+ Elders. I was compelled to share my journey and coach others on their own path. In doing so, it is my passion and commitment to coach, educate and empower families to be the best advocate possible for their loved ones.

“Coaching and Empowering YOU to be a confident presence”

Personally Facilitated by Kat Verdi

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Personally Facilitated by Kat Verdi